Free VPN for Chrome in 2019

Free VPN for Chrome in 2019

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Chrome is a dominating Internet browser which is having two billion users from mobile and desktop devices. The performance level of chrome maintained by the others is exceptional.

Still, the users of the chrome have become a victim of the cyber-attacks which has compelled chrome to have VPN which is an essential choice for the users to make browser secure from a range of the cyber-criminals.

In these conditions, ISPs and hackers are involved in a non-stop tracking of the users for their interests. And because of this here we have some best free VPN Chrome which becomes the best option.


Purevpn review is the free VPN for windows which has the scattered network having high secure proxy servers that give the protection by encrypting the information. When you use this VPN, you will not affect the internet speed.

The premium version of Purevpn is available which offers more efficient features. It offers unrestricted internet access, internet privacy, and Wi-Fi security. It also protects the privacy from the hackers, banner ads, website analytics, and the social media following.


DotVPN offers the cloud firewall protection together with the unlimited data usage that makes free Chrome VPN be the best. The chrome users can unblock the websites and then improve the online security which is by installing dotVPN extension.

It has about 500,000 users where it is scoring a rate of four stars. It uses the 4096-bit key encryption that is the double of the modern banking standards.

DotVPN provides access to the restricted sites, the VoIP applications making it very easy to use. It protects the online privacy and it blocks all the unregistered connections being inbound including packet sniffers and DDoS attacks.


Hola VPN

This is also another free VPN Chrome that secures the network. The chrome users who’re much concern on unblocking some sites, Hola VPN become the correct decision.

It is different from the common VPN service in that the traffic usually passes through users instead of a server network which makes the IP hard track.

The Hola unblocker has about 129 million users using the web very securely and also with freedom. It permits you to browse web without watch videos and censorship with least buffering. The users of the Hola can browse a web securely, freely, privately excluding blocking and geographical restrictions.