Avast Secure Browser Review: Powerful Features

As a rule, the protection of the most popular browsers is based on the installation of extensions and add-ons that the user chooses to his liking. The “gentleman’s set” usually includes an ad blocker, a plugin for forced access to the https protocol, and an extension for disabling tracking scripts. Besides, add-ons with VPN functions are popular, and the Opera browser even has such a module in the kit. Anyway, let’s try to figure out Avast Secure Browser review and see if it is so powerful as they say.

Top-Notch Features of the Browser

Based on the popular open platform, the browser resembles Google Chrome. It has the same smooth lines, minimalistic design and controls. However, the specialization of the Internet browser is immediately visible: after installation, the user is taken to a page with the tools of the Security and Privacy Center.

By default, such features as blocking phishing sites and tracking scripts, control of payment gateways and access to the webcam are included. There are other security settings. It is this functional part that will be interesting to consider in more detail. The convenience of working with video deserves special attention. Any video content can be downloaded from any resource. While, for example, YouTube allows you to download your videos only with a paid Premium subscription, using the browser, you can save the file you need for free. It’s nice to remember the good old days when the video was just retrieved from the cache.

Security and Privacy Center of the Browser

Security Center is a web-based console for managing security settings. The Security Center screen opens immediately after installation. In the future, it is available by clicking on the orange icon in the upper right corner of the screen. In addition to pre-installed extensions, you can download free antivirus from the Security Center. If it already works on the device, then immediately from the console, the PC starts scanning for threats.

Top Functions you Definitely Need to Have:

  • Banking Mode Function. It is also available only after installing the antivirus. When the mode is activated, an additional browser window opens with a remote session, while the operation of other applications and programs is blocked. This function protects against interception when entering data into payment forms. In the settings, you can specify the sites on which the transition to the secure payment mode will occur automatically.
  • No identification Function. This tool masks unique browser configuration data – its version, installed extensions. Hiding a digital fingerprint makes it impossible for website owners to track user actions; usually, this information is needed for targeted advertising. By default, the function is turned off, because it limits the functionality of some online services. It is recommended to include it if necessary.
  • Extension Protection Feature. This function blocks the installation of add-ons in the browser. By default, the extension store offers only proprietary solutions, but plugins from other manufacturers can be installed manually by issuing additional permission in the dialog box.
  • Phishing Protection Feature. The tool blocks access to resources trapped in the browser phishing site library.

Recall that at the beginning of 2019, the company launched an artificial intelligence algorithm to detect untrustworthy sites by automatically checking for suspicious markers in metadata and specific visual details.

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